This has been our main approach to raising funds since the birth of The Little Things...our handy volunteers give presentations on our skydiving event to 100s of university students across the country, in the hope that they convert into fundraisers and representatives for our charity! They then receive a few months to ask their friends and family to sponsor the skydive and when the target is met, we take them to the skies and let them jump!

There is a £50 deposit to be paid on our sign-up page, which reserves a place on the event. This deposit will be refunded to all fundraisers after they have completed the jump. Register your interest today and we will email you more instructions on signing up!

The minimum fundraising target, which must be raised, is £450. Instructions on setting up a fundraising page and also on fundraising itself will be emailed out to all those who reserve a place on the event. The £450 target covers the cost of the skydive, transport to the skydiving centre and insurance. The Little Things will provide their complete support in reaching the minimum fundraising target.

*All participants must be at least 16 years of age, and weight under 15 stone (95kg).


Registered Charity Number – 1161803